Dave Ottewa (ottewaonline) wrote in thepuredorms,
Dave Ottewa

Childhood Trama

Mrs. Zabini, I assume, is one of those Italian girls with the Mediteranean hair and that mid-caramel colour skin, and is flawlessly beautiful, and is hated by African-descended girls for her hair and Italian girls for her colour. Blaise Zabini is one of those medium-dark boys with green eyes and dark, dark brown curly Italian hair.

Theo's bi. He prefers girls, but he wouldn't say no to Quidditch boys. Especially Scottish ones.

Tada, Crabbe and Goyle. Not big fans of them- This will be mostly Theo, Draco and Blaise, in that order.

I live in Florida. I live in Panama City Florida. I live in a very big house with lots of trees and shiny rocks and a long brick driveway and about three hundred feet of private bay in Panama City Florida. Anybody complains to me "That's not what a palm tree looks like!" I'll tell them "But it's what the fourteen Saigo Palms in my front yard look like." Trust me, I would know.
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