Dave Ottewa (ottewaonline) wrote in thepuredorms,
Dave Ottewa

Requestioning your entire family history is always painful...

First Dorm night

1) Personally I love the way Theo looks in panel 3, and we'll ignore how I forgot to completely colour his pants in.

2) The sucky thing about doing back-story ones (This'll be mostly third-and-fourth-year) is that Tom Felton had that Spike-Geled-back look that sucks to draw. Just a side-note, Theo has red hair in this strip, canon (not yet established) be damned.

3) The walls change on purpose 'cause it doesn't want to be a dungeon every thirty seconds. Sometimes it wants to be disco-polka-dotted, and sometimes it wants vinyl siding.

4) ...The house elf in the corner looks rabid.
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Hey. Very good. While reading the description of journal-thingy I didn't realize who it was, but I recognized the drawing style right off. It's been so long since I've seen your art, and it was such a refresher. :)

Love it. Can't wait for more. Will you email me next time something's up? I'm horrible at checking things.

Much love,
Me :)
Every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. I may even do them in colour, tomorrow's will be, definately. But if you join the comm and check your friend's list every three days, you'll get one or two sent to you there. I did that for BBC news, and it's great.

It was the art and not the handwriting, huh? Like I said, I'm gonna start up JDC sometime, too, if I can remember how we wanted to begin it.

Anything you really want for next week's issues? I have the next two planned out already, but Tuesday's is free.