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Colour Fourth Year strip, "Prank."

And I love the way it looks, except for the fact that Theo is coloured with the exact same pencil as Draco and the scanner made him eight shades darker instead of two.


1) Chick Draco has the exact same problem as normal Draco- Every damn time, perfect.

2) And he looks fantastic. Although if anyone complains "Why doesn't he have huge boobs?," it's because Draco is book-canon as short and skinny. Which means that he's probably propotionate, at 14, as 5'3, 111 lbs, size 4, 34B.

3) Girl Scout socks. Just 'cause.

4) Draco is like Luna in that he will always be honest. Unlike Luna, it's not hurtfully obvious and innocently said, it's tactfully held until the most unpleasant time he can unleash it.

5) There's a fic called You and Me of the 10,000 Wars- Jam- that has the phrase "Okay, so everyone's got a bit of a thing for CJ." That's what went through my head when I wrote this. Theo is lying. He's got a thing for Draco, but nothing serious, it's just that everyone's got a bit of a thing for Draco. (Not Movie-Draco, Book-Draco.) Blaise is the most straight man on campus and he wouldn't say no. Draco would, but Blaise wouldn't.

6) Draco's got his wand out for the inevitable: When Potter and Weasel notice them and say something. Or if anybody else does.
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