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Not HP-related, another series fanart. (Every once in a while I'll do this.)

I felt, "Well, I told them all my squick pairings. I owe them an unlikely pairing I love."

I decided on my fav (re: only) Femslash girls:

I could also have drawn Sam/Regulus, but even I'm taxing my creativity on how that would work. Unless Reggie liked 11-year-old Californian Muggle boys. Too weird even for me. Sam/Lindsey also works, but I never draw Lindsey, and that acronymed is SS/LM, and HP fans think it's something else instead of TWW/Angel crossovers.

Like I said, every once in a while, I'll add another fandom pic up, or a Trio pic, or Bill/Remus or Siri/Remy or Siri/Reggie or who knows what. I'll even add things by request, if prompted.
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