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A two-part arc

Could be called "(Bi)Sexual Urges," could be called "Partisan sportsmanship," but I call it "Tutoring Justin. (parts 1 and 2)" It has JFF from Hufflepuff.

1) You can accuse me of Gary-Stuism for Theo. You can accuse me of GSism for Draco. You can accuse me for Blaise, or for the twins. Truthfully Justin hits closest. He's even wearing one of my "in my entire life" favourite shirts.

2) Cedric Diggory would so say things like "Suck my dick!" and "I'm going to kill you." Totally. Partisan sportsmanship and all that. Go Yanks, go 'Boys, go Spurs.

3) Again, a TWW reference, but lesser- Theo's monogrammed shirts, including the nightshirt he's been wearing since panel one, are based off Sam Seaborn's "sNs" shirts. This one has "tNh," the nightshirt is "tHn." I haven't decided whether his middle name is Harold or Harrison yet, but it is able to be shortened to Harry.

4) I hope I don't have to explain the punchline. I really don't think I could handle that.

5) Trust me, you get possitions like that in wrestling. And worse ones, too.

6) Poor Theo. Book canon-Cedric and Movie canon-Oliver are probably the best looking guys at Hogwarts. Add Book canon-Roger Davies to the mix and Theo's not leaving his room. Oliver/Theo is my squickslash pairing, by the way. I would say they're my squick pairing, but Neville/Narcissa is just so much worse and so gleefully wrong. But anybody willing to send me Oliver/Cedric or Oliver/Theo or Oliver/Cedric/Theo or Neville/Narcissa, go ahead. I'd love it.
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