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Okay... Part two of "Massive Update"

Is because I got a response about a joke I wasn't actually planning to do, and it made me plan to do it. Blame lostcatholic for sending me the response.

That said, this is four pages long, people, and only a few minor changes are mine:

1) Once again Draco shows his amazing ability to come out exactly how I intend every single time. How come he can, but charas I invent take at least two drafts? I rarely even have to erase anything but stray pencil marks-post inkage on Draco. I hate that.

2) I win at Dork! points for the evening. Possibly the week.

3) Com'on, crossover-wise? It works.

4) Percy was cast instantly. Draco as well. Ernie took some thinking. The rest of the cast is placed, except for one certain chara that's driving me nuts...

5) The scene was originally on a stairway with folders instead of a bound report and a bag of potato crisps (Americana chips, but you know, it's set in England here.) I did that to emphasise the difference, and because most times, people are eating during other scenes.
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