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Prepare for massive updates...

First off- Photobucket says I can't send copywritten material from their site unless it's, you know, legal. Just so we're clear in case any absolute morons stumble onto this and believe I'm JK Rowling instead of DC Ottewa, this is a fanwork. At least two charas are not canon, because they have no canon. Hell, I'm about to throw Theo for a loop, in two different ways and two different strips.

That being said:

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Commentary, of course:

1) Canon for a loop. Also: Why not? Also: Hi, I'm Dave. Describe in a word, Random.

2) Freckles. Heh. Bill was supposed to have them on the bookmark, but I forgot.

3) I just set up Blaise's chara. Trust me.

4) Peppermint humbugs are a triangular hard candy from Britain, with a peppermint shell on the outside and a caramel centre on the inside. It's also a subtle tribute to the greatest slash writer ever, Sam Vimes. Everyone go read his stuff. I wish he wrote Jam.

5) In my mind, Fred was sorted first into Gryffindor due to his extroversion and people skills. George, although he could've been Ravenclaw due to his brilliance at Potions, Charms and Transfiguration, instead chose to go with him. This was not a hinderance of his brilliance, but a way for them to plan something together- They were two parts of the same person, and would not leave each other (not in a slash way! not in a slash way!). Fred used his personality and people skills to charm people, and had a natural gift for Herbology and planning things out. George would then create joke spells and candies based on his brother's ideas. It's the ultimate team effort- Fred designs and sells the products, George makes them, and they both test them.
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