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Trick update:

I spent all day doing this, so I don't have today's strip ready. This was going to be a strip, it became this= colour, shoujo-style bookmarks (all of 6th year) with a two-page strip at the end starring me and a girl from my old high school. You have your choices of:

1) Draco (One of my personal faves, it turned out exactly how I wanted)
2) Theo (Not so great live, looks pretty good scanned.)
3) Blaise (Looked great before I scanned it. Looks alright here.)
4) Sirius (The pose is very Dave-esque. Even the tie.)
5) Regulus (I actually am using this one.)
6) Bill Weasley (No comment.)
7) Snape
8) Remus

I don't understand why they're all different sizes. The Regulus one is the actual size I intended. I suppose you could just shrink them.

If prompted, I'll draw Remus sexed-up (although PoA, wonderful as it was, ruined that image forever), but not Snape. Snape is not supposed to be attractive, I don't care what you say about Alan Rickman who kicked ass in Dogma and Die Hard I'll grant you.

Commentary on strips:

1) Cari had no previous knowledge she was in this.

2) That's what Dave looks like. No embelishment. I forgot the glasses, but I don't always wear them anyway and that was honestly because I forgot I was wearing them. That's exactly what Dave acts like. Hell, that's Dave's lucky Yanks cap, his real Donnie Darko shirt, and a shirt I know longer own but will always be my favourite since it's my dad's old Navy uniform and just damn looked cool. The title of the arc is "This is how Dave thinks." The two people reading this who actually have met me can vouch- There is no logic, and that is what makes everything cohesive.

3) In that first panel, that is what it looks like when Dave dances. No music is necessary, either, just the urge to make a fool of himself in public (quite common.)

4) The last strip is supposed to read Siri/Reggy. I ship both, though.

5) I do need to work on that story. Kudos to any actual fans out there.

Anyway, time for the strip:



Feel free to take any. I'd love it if you told me, but I won't be, you know, depressed if you don't.

Sometime next week I'll make Andromeda, Bellatrix, Cho, Fleur, Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Narcissa, and Pansy. I'm also up for requests, for either bookmarks or strips.
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