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So I didn't update on Saturday as promised. I feel bad about that. And I come bearing a three-part strip as apologies. Also, I put this in the wrong journal, and my fangirlish squee comment got deleted... (I liked that...)

Strip one commentary:

To me, Harry's hair is the greatest part of doing this series. Ever. I will not top "Harry-hair."

Theo's wearing his reading glasses, as he always will while he's in class. He's also accidentally become the star, as he's the most fun to draw and script. Also, he looks kinda hot in panel 3. <--An asexual guy said that, mind.

Draco has a point in panel 3. And 2. And, well, 4.

That inkblot was fun to gradually increase as he got less interested in class.

Seamus sits next to Hermione, and snores. She starts sitting next to Neville instead. I liked drawing sleeping Seamus.

Strip 2:

No background because I didn't know where to put it, or that a hallway needed a heavy background.

It's entirely Draco's fault that he called her that. (Re Strip 1, Panel 4)

Hermione's hair gets less poofy, but I like panel 1, panel 3 and Panel 2 of Strip 3's best for her.

Strip 3:

I read some RPG bio where Theo crushed on Hermione before she dressed herself up for the Yule Ball. I liked the idea. It'll be a running joke, but not acted on. She will always, always say no. He will be depressed.

Yes, he did say Muggle-born because she got offended.

To him, a picnic under the stars is a mutual learning experience. Unfortunately, it also spells detention, but he doesn't know that. Also, he's thinking a different type of learning than say, Draco and Blaise. He means "That's Lyra." Draco means "Snog me, I'm a sexy bitch!"

The last quote is one of the subtitles of this series, and also a running gag. Everything will be why Salazar hates Muggle-borns (or Mudbloods, depending on who says it.)
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