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The Slytherin Dorms

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1st November 2005

ottewaonline3:01am: Not an ad...
Just the most adorable couple ever and Oliver's in his Puddlemere Uniform and you just can't go wrong with that!

Everybody comment on the AWWW factor...Collapse )
ottewaonline2:50am: RP Ads 4

Go join.

In that game I play Justin, Draco and Percy. Percy has no pairing, but Justin has Lavender and Draco has Pansy and dammit I need to make Percy in a slash relationship or I'm gonna flip out.
ottewaonline2:45am: RP Ads 3

Go join.
ottewaonline2:42am: RP Ads 2

Go join.

Seriously, Fred/Theo should not be so perfect a couple in my mind, considering the comm you're reading this in says they're cousins. Still, the two charas from the_rising fit together so well.

I play Theo.
ottewaonline2:35am: RP Ads 1: The Rising

Go join.
ottewaonline2:28am: THE RETURN OF DAVE!


17th September 2005

ottewaonline10:07pm: !Mas importante!
Okay. This site will be out-of-commission for a while because la computadora died. I have a second computer I'm afraid to load stuff on. As it is, I'll take any suggestions for strips and work on them, then have this massive collection apon my return.

Which will include: Everyone loves Draco- An at-this-moment 8 page arc (and not half-done, I keep adding to it!) that stars Hermione and Ron then Theo, Draco and Gred & Forge, and features Harry, Flint, Cedric, Anthony Goldstein, "fourth year Ravenclaws", Seamus, Moony, Padfoot, and Wormtail. Yes, I could fit in Moony, Padfoot and Wormtail canonly in a first-year story.

Ginny's the Secret-Keeper- Two pages, basically Ginny asking Percy about "the birds and the bees" and who he's writing to all summer, and is Percy/Oliver slash.

Why Slytherins Really Hate Gryffindors- Not yet drawn, probably two pages.

Don't mess with Zabini- Which is Blaise enlisting Draco to prank Theo into making a fake potion with bizarre ingredients.

Some random sketches I drew in class of things like RL/RB/SB and OW/PW and Theo in a Quidditch outfit and all the houses and teams and such in normal private schools.

Aside from that, I have a kickass new icon for the comm.

10th September 2005

ottewaonline12:44am: This one is special.
At least three of my LJ friends have been depressed this week because of self-esteem. I wondered to myself how best to explain things to them. I settled on this.

Then I thought about a time frame. The best one seemed to be Theo talking to Harry in the library after Harry sent his dad to Azkaban. Partially because I think it would say a lot about Theo's character, particially because it would bring back Harry-with-the-hair. Mostly because it would be the perfect time to say exactly what makes someone special isn't talent, but impact and influence.

This isn't for all of you, but you can all read it whenever you feel depressed. Because more than anything, it's true.

Peace love and pie.Collapse )
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ottewaonline12:27am: Colour Fourth Year strip, "Prank."
And I love the way it looks, except for the fact that Theo is coloured with the exact same pencil as Draco and the scanner made him eight shades darker instead of two.


1) Chick Draco has the exact same problem as normal Draco- Every damn time, perfect.

2) And he looks fantastic. Although if anyone complains "Why doesn't he have huge boobs?," it's because Draco is book-canon as short and skinny. Which means that he's probably propotionate, at 14, as 5'3, 111 lbs, size 4, 34B.

3) Girl Scout socks. Just 'cause.

4) Draco is like Luna in that he will always be honest. Unlike Luna, it's not hurtfully obvious and innocently said, it's tactfully held until the most unpleasant time he can unleash it.

5) There's a fic called You and Me of the 10,000 Wars- Jam- that has the phrase "Okay, so everyone's got a bit of a thing for CJ." That's what went through my head when I wrote this. Theo is lying. He's got a thing for Draco, but nothing serious, it's just that everyone's got a bit of a thing for Draco. (Not Movie-Draco, Book-Draco.) Blaise is the most straight man on campus and he wouldn't say no. Draco would, but Blaise wouldn't.

6) Draco's got his wand out for the inevitable: When Potter and Weasel notice them and say something. Or if anybody else does.
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ottewaonline12:20am: Not HP-related, another series fanart. (Every once in a while I'll do this.)
I felt, "Well, I told them all my squick pairings. I owe them an unlikely pairing I love."

I decided on my fav (re: only) Femslash girls:

I could also have drawn Sam/Regulus, but even I'm taxing my creativity on how that would work. Unless Reggie liked 11-year-old Californian Muggle boys. Too weird even for me. Sam/Lindsey also works, but I never draw Lindsey, and that acronymed is SS/LM, and HP fans think it's something else instead of TWW/Angel crossovers.

Like I said, every once in a while, I'll add another fandom pic up, or a Trio pic, or Bill/Remus or Siri/Remy or Siri/Reggie or who knows what. I'll even add things by request, if prompted.
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ottewaonline12:04am: A two-part arc
Could be called "(Bi)Sexual Urges," could be called "Partisan sportsmanship," but I call it "Tutoring Justin. (parts 1 and 2)" It has JFF from Hufflepuff.

I actually have owned both those shirts, save the monogram on Theo's.Collapse )

1) You can accuse me of Gary-Stuism for Theo. You can accuse me of GSism for Draco. You can accuse me for Blaise, or for the twins. Truthfully Justin hits closest. He's even wearing one of my "in my entire life" favourite shirts.

2) Cedric Diggory would so say things like "Suck my dick!" and "I'm going to kill you." Totally. Partisan sportsmanship and all that. Go Yanks, go 'Boys, go Spurs.

3) Again, a TWW reference, but lesser- Theo's monogrammed shirts, including the nightshirt he's been wearing since panel one, are based off Sam Seaborn's "sNs" shirts. This one has "tNh," the nightshirt is "tHn." I haven't decided whether his middle name is Harold or Harrison yet, but it is able to be shortened to Harry.

4) I hope I don't have to explain the punchline. I really don't think I could handle that.

5) Trust me, you get possitions like that in wrestling. And worse ones, too.

6) Poor Theo. Book canon-Cedric and Movie canon-Oliver are probably the best looking guys at Hogwarts. Add Book canon-Roger Davies to the mix and Theo's not leaving his room. Oliver/Theo is my squickslash pairing, by the way. I would say they're my squick pairing, but Neville/Narcissa is just so much worse and so gleefully wrong. But anybody willing to send me Oliver/Cedric or Oliver/Theo or Oliver/Cedric/Theo or Neville/Narcissa, go ahead. I'd love it.
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9th September 2005

ottewaonline11:52pm: Okay... Part two of "Massive Update"
Is because I got a response about a joke I wasn't actually planning to do, and it made me plan to do it. Blame lostcatholic for sending me the response.

That said, this is four pages long, people, and only a few minor changes are mine:

I could think of a less Jewish name than 'McMillan,' but I don't feel like it right now.Collapse )

1) Once again Draco shows his amazing ability to come out exactly how I intend every single time. How come he can, but charas I invent take at least two drafts? I rarely even have to erase anything but stray pencil marks-post inkage on Draco. I hate that.

2) I win at Dork! points for the evening. Possibly the week.

3) Com'on, crossover-wise? It works.

4) Percy was cast instantly. Draco as well. Ernie took some thinking. The rest of the cast is placed, except for one certain chara that's driving me nuts...

5) The scene was originally on a stairway with folders instead of a bound report and a bag of potato crisps (Americana chips, but you know, it's set in England here.) I did that to emphasise the difference, and because most times, people are eating during other scenes.
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ottewaonline11:27pm: Prepare for massive updates...
First off- Photobucket says I can't send copywritten material from their site unless it's, you know, legal. Just so we're clear in case any absolute morons stumble onto this and believe I'm JK Rowling instead of DC Ottewa, this is a fanwork. At least two charas are not canon, because they have no canon. Hell, I'm about to throw Theo for a loop, in two different ways and two different strips.

That being said: Behold, Gred & Forge.Collapse )

Commentary, of course:

1) Canon for a loop. Also: Why not? Also: Hi, I'm Dave. Describe in a word, Random.

2) Freckles. Heh. Bill was supposed to have them on the bookmark, but I forgot.

3) I just set up Blaise's chara. Trust me.

4) Peppermint humbugs are a triangular hard candy from Britain, with a peppermint shell on the outside and a caramel centre on the inside. It's also a subtle tribute to the greatest slash writer ever, Sam Vimes. Everyone go read his stuff. I wish he wrote Jam.

5) In my mind, Fred was sorted first into Gryffindor due to his extroversion and people skills. George, although he could've been Ravenclaw due to his brilliance at Potions, Charms and Transfiguration, instead chose to go with him. This was not a hinderance of his brilliance, but a way for them to plan something together- They were two parts of the same person, and would not leave each other (not in a slash way! not in a slash way!). Fred used his personality and people skills to charm people, and had a natural gift for Herbology and planning things out. George would then create joke spells and candies based on his brother's ideas. It's the ultimate team effort- Fred designs and sells the products, George makes them, and they both test them.
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6th September 2005

ottewaonline5:33pm: So I had this idea for a transition page. And then I ended up having to go to court today and picking up my misdemeanor record. I can give you no one-shot that was supposed to be the last of the first-year pages and no five-or-more page fourth year arc with Padfoot and Moony as gueststars (and I love Padfoot and Moony) and no two-page sixth year arc based on a sketch from the not-so-great-but-occassional-it-was-funny The Hollow Men, and instead am forced to leave you with two of the five chara pages I intend to get around to finishing, outside of classes and playing in three possibly four RPGs and reading The Stand and grocery shopping and slacking off and playing Star Ocean and wondering if I should ever cosplay as Albel Nox.


DracoCollapse )

TheoCollapse )

Once again Draco proves he can always come out exactly how I imagine him. I hate him for that.

I messed up on the Purity scale- Draco's and Theo's are reversed. So just fix that in your head, or ignore it, or bitch at me. I'm not redrawing the whole page to fix a minor mistake, but I will make mention to correct it.

Theo will hold that he got higher marks but lower scores than Hermione and Harry bitterly inside himself until he eventually grows up, writes vignettes in bad taste about them, and commits suicide due to his heavy alcoholism. All because he scored two points below Hermione in Charms, three below Harry in DADA, and six below Hermione in Transfiguration.

I may do a one-shot of Draco standing there with Snape and Blaise saying: "Do you wanna go work or do you wanna mock people?" "...I wanna mock people." Only one of you gets that.
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3rd September 2005

ottewaonline12:20am: Another Three-parter.
Saturday gets a three-part update. Now, to truly enjoy this experience, play this in the background without looking at it. Just let it run.

The First-Year Muggle Studies ArcCollapse )


1) Theo panel 4 is my favourite of him so far. Panel 2 of Strip two is also fun, as was panel 3.

2) All the Draco ones I love.

3) This came from a true story. I was sitting outside of class drawing the Draco bookmark colour edition, and a cell phone went off in a locker. It lasted until my third Theo sketch (Draco took one try. Theo took 3.) I recognised the song but couldn't place it. So I asked my grandmother. She knew. I was happy.

4) Sixth panel Strip one- You've. All. Thought. It. Also: Best. Theo. Quote. Ever.
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1st September 2005

ottewaonline9:49pm: Trick update:
I spent all day doing this, so I don't have today's strip ready. This was going to be a strip, it became this= colour, shoujo-style bookmarks (all of 6th year) with a two-page strip at the end starring me and a girl from my old high school. You have your choices of:

1) Draco (One of my personal faves, it turned out exactly how I wanted)
2) Theo (Not so great live, looks pretty good scanned.)
3) Blaise (Looked great before I scanned it. Looks alright here.)
4) Sirius (The pose is very Dave-esque. Even the tie.)
5) Regulus (I actually am using this one.)
6) Bill Weasley (No comment.)
7) Snape
8) Remus

I don't understand why they're all different sizes. The Regulus one is the actual size I intended. I suppose you could just shrink them.

If prompted, I'll draw Remus sexed-up (although PoA, wonderful as it was, ruined that image forever), but not Snape. Snape is not supposed to be attractive, I don't care what you say about Alan Rickman who kicked ass in Dogma and Die Hard I'll grant you.

Commentary on strips:

1) Cari had no previous knowledge she was in this.

2) That's what Dave looks like. No embelishment. I forgot the glasses, but I don't always wear them anyway and that was honestly because I forgot I was wearing them. That's exactly what Dave acts like. Hell, that's Dave's lucky Yanks cap, his real Donnie Darko shirt, and a shirt I know longer own but will always be my favourite since it's my dad's old Navy uniform and just damn looked cool. The title of the arc is "This is how Dave thinks." The two people reading this who actually have met me can vouch- There is no logic, and that is what makes everything cohesive.

3) In that first panel, that is what it looks like when Dave dances. No music is necessary, either, just the urge to make a fool of himself in public (quite common.)

4) The last strip is supposed to read Siri/Reggy. I ship both, though.

5) I do need to work on that story. Kudos to any actual fans out there.

Anyway, time for the strip: That's canon Snape, everyone, don't get pissed.Collapse )
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30th August 2005

ottewaonline10:31pm: So I didn't update on Saturday as promised. I feel bad about that. And I come bearing a three-part strip as apologies. Also, I put this in the wrong journal, and my fangirlish squee comment got deleted... (I liked that...)

Lo Siento!Collapse )

Strip one commentary:

To me, Harry's hair is the greatest part of doing this series. Ever. I will not top "Harry-hair."

Theo's wearing his reading glasses, as he always will while he's in class. He's also accidentally become the star, as he's the most fun to draw and script. Also, he looks kinda hot in panel 3. <--An asexual guy said that, mind.

Draco has a point in panel 3. And 2. And, well, 4.

That inkblot was fun to gradually increase as he got less interested in class.

Seamus sits next to Hermione, and snores. She starts sitting next to Neville instead. I liked drawing sleeping Seamus.

Strip 2:

No background because I didn't know where to put it, or that a hallway needed a heavy background.

It's entirely Draco's fault that he called her that. (Re Strip 1, Panel 4)

Hermione's hair gets less poofy, but I like panel 1, panel 3 and Panel 2 of Strip 3's best for her.

Strip 3:

I read some RPG bio where Theo crushed on Hermione before she dressed herself up for the Yule Ball. I liked the idea. It'll be a running joke, but not acted on. She will always, always say no. He will be depressed.

Yes, he did say Muggle-born because she got offended.

To him, a picnic under the stars is a mutual learning experience. Unfortunately, it also spells detention, but he doesn't know that. Also, he's thinking a different type of learning than say, Draco and Blaise. He means "That's Lyra." Draco means "Snog me, I'm a sexy bitch!"

The last quote is one of the subtitles of this series, and also a running gag. Everything will be why Salazar hates Muggle-borns (or Mudbloods, depending on who says it.)
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ottewaonline5:37pm: Childhood Trama

Mrs. Zabini, I assume, is one of those Italian girls with the Mediteranean hair and that mid-caramel colour skin, and is flawlessly beautiful, and is hated by African-descended girls for her hair and Italian girls for her colour. Blaise Zabini is one of those medium-dark boys with green eyes and dark, dark brown curly Italian hair.

Theo's bi. He prefers girls, but he wouldn't say no to Quidditch boys. Especially Scottish ones.

Tada, Crabbe and Goyle. Not big fans of them- This will be mostly Theo, Draco and Blaise, in that order.

I live in Florida. I live in Panama City Florida. I live in a very big house with lots of trees and shiny rocks and a long brick driveway and about three hundred feet of private bay in Panama City Florida. Anybody complains to me "That's not what a palm tree looks like!" I'll tell them "But it's what the fourteen Saigo Palms in my front yard look like." Trust me, I would know.

25th August 2005

ottewaonline3:49pm: Issue 2

1) Theo's hair clashes with the red pants. Draco's lemon green boxers clash with his lavendar shirt. Neither of them realise this, or that they're unusual colours, but they both are too polite to point it out to the other one.
2) Theo is a bibliophile, hence all the books, and more than willing to read anything well-written, including Muggle literature. He's also got a weakness for sappy sonnets, and his favourite subject will be Astronomy, as foretold by his poster/star map/lunar calendar. Draco has nothing between their beds, but does own the wall between his and Goyle's, which is blank. He hates that this wall is not.
3) Draco actually doesn't know what the shirt means. Narcissa bought it for him, thinking it would be more "playful" and that his friends would not at all understand the other connotations. Unfortunately for her, Theo was two thoughts away from being a Ravenclaw, and desperately wishes he was, if only because he's twice as smart as his roommates.
4) Yes, Draco is coloured in. My scanner just refused to pick it up because to me "pale" means "shade light colours very lightly." The walls are black and white panels two/three because it puts more emphasis on the characters. I had plenty of time to colour them in and chose not to.
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23rd August 2005

ottewaonline4:36pm: Requestioning your entire family history is always painful...
First Dorm night

1) Personally I love the way Theo looks in panel 3, and we'll ignore how I forgot to completely colour his pants in.

2) The sucky thing about doing back-story ones (This'll be mostly third-and-fourth-year) is that Tom Felton had that Spike-Geled-back look that sucks to draw. Just a side-note, Theo has red hair in this strip, canon (not yet established) be damned.

3) The walls change on purpose 'cause it doesn't want to be a dungeon every thirty seconds. Sometimes it wants to be disco-polka-dotted, and sometimes it wants vinyl siding.

4) ...The house elf in the corner looks rabid.
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